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Free Resources For Oil & Gas Industry Professionals

A lot of seasoned professionals within the petroleum field have been affected by COVID-19 and the resulting economic downturn. We know just how hard things have gotten for experienced oil & gas professionals and it is partly the reason why we at Mire Petroleum Consultants have dedicated this blog to free education.

In this section we cover all types of resources that are useful to experienced workers in the upstream industry. All manner of topics are covered, but we specialize in covering oil & gas software, specifically the widely used PHDWin Reserves and Economics program.

Petroleum Industry Info And Tips For Professionals

Continuous Learning Without The High Costs

Even seasoned oil & gas professionals use our free video lessons and analytical articles to stay up to date with the most current oil & gas trends. Upstream industry leaders can use our free resources to explore reserve evaluation methodologies and software, such as PHDWin, to improve their skills.

Oil & Gas Learning To Build Your Resume For Your Next Interview

Project managers, petroleum consultants, geophysicists/geologists, executive stakeholders, and other employees at all levels will benefit from learning info that usually costs thousands of dollars, all for free, so they can focus on getting back to working in our incredible industry.

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