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As much as we’d all love the have the perfect strategy for our company’s investment portfolio, there are always lots of factors that can quickly turn a seemingly good project into a money pit of losses. Our mission is to provide content that will help you understand the reserves potential and risks before investing.

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We Help You Get The Highest Return On Your Oil & Gas Projects

Unlike other oil & gas investment blogs, we will cover all types of engineering, economics and other factors that go into your portfolio decision making. And instead of paying for lessons that are unreliable or searching multiple sources and wasting time trying to put it all together, we provide everything in one place for free. Not only do we offer extensive guides and tips but we will also share previous project results and experiences that you won’t find anywhere else.

How Our Lessons Help You Make Better Oil & Gas Investment Decisions

We take the combined knowledge of petroleum investors that have drilled wells or acquired producing properties and share their secrets that have given them good results. The seasoned experts at Mire Petroleum Consultants, and their associates, will walk you through petroleum engineering concepts vital to understanding the technical analysis of reserves, risks and economics. Then we help you understand such things as promotion fees, over-riding royalties, payout reversions, well ownership, investment rate of return. Finally Vive La Frack will share various stories of success and failure from all types of petroleum investments as case studies so you can learn what works and what doesn’t and use it to your advantage in your next acquisition or drilling project.

Oil and Gas vs Green?

What do you think of when someone says “oil and gas”? Gasoline at the gas pump? Makes sense, but do you know these two commodities play an enormous role in our everyday lives? Every industry such as aeronautical, agriculture, automotive, communications, construction, medical, pharmaceutical, etc. uses oil and gas to manufacture its products. Next timeContinue reading “Oil and Gas vs Green?”

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