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Free Oil & Gas Student Resources

Due to the recent economic downturn, many students studying petroleum engineering and various other specializations in the oil & gas industry feel very disillusioned about finding a job after completing their studies.

A large number of petroleum engineering students are tired of spending months studying oil & gas fundamentals without understanding real life projects that will help them land a better job upon graduation. Through Vive La Frack they can now combine the basics that they’ve learned in school with the free video courses on advanced petroleum engineering topics to know exactly what goes into preparing an excellent reserves evaluation.

It’s up to industry leaders to step up and help these budding engineers in their time of need. This is why the team at Mire Petroleum Consultants has made it our mission operating this blog to provide as much free knowledge as possible to give them a leg up in their next interview.

Petroleum Industry Info And Tips For Students

Apply What You’ve Learned To Real World Petroleum Engineering Methods

Unlike other blogs, we don’t just provide free educational video lessons on various oil & gas topics, we also provide engaging contact with our certified petroleum engineers and consultants, all for free.

Our Lessons Help Students Prepare For The Real World Of Oil & Gas

Vive La Frack has big plans to include completed case studies where students can understand how their academic knowledge applies to real world oil & gas field projects.

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