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Welcome to Vive La Frack! We are a pro-oil & gas multimedia blog dedicated to the education and support of all things within our industry. Here you will find many resources to help you navigate the fascinating world of oil and gas. Our industry is the backbone of the United States economy, and it should be celebrated. We hope you enjoy everything we have to offer and, as I like to say, “Frack Baby Frack!”

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Don’t waste time searching the internet for divided and incomplete information when you can use Vive La Frack! to learn everything you need to know about oil & gas industry topics, specifically how they relate to Petroleum Engineers, all taught by certified and experienced Petroleum Engineering Consultants. Here are some examples of how our subscribers have benefited from our free resources in the past:

  • Investors who want to learn how to evaluate and chose profitable projects;
  • Petroleum company managers/owners looking to improve the quality of their internal or third-party reserve evaluations;
  • University or high school students pursuing a career in the petroleum industry;
  • Out-of-work professionals who want to take advantage of our free courses to fully prepare for a return to the workforce;
  • Land and mineral owners who want to learn how their minerals are valued;
  • Estate and probate lawyers who need reserve reports for various federal regulatory agencies;
  • Experienced professionals in the upstream oil and gas industry who wish to learn about the latest trends and technology.

All our content is powered by the talented team at Mire Petroleum Consultants, led by Kurt Mire, a seasoned Petroleum Engineer with reservoir evaluation and production operations experience. Our team delivers high-quality evaluations for a wide range of upstream oil & gas clients.

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90 Percent Break Through

What do you think of when I say 90 percent?  An ‘A’ in a class?  A bargain retail sale?  Perhaps a math problem?  Sadly, the 90 percent I’m referring to isn’t indicative of something positive.  Quite the contrary. I’m referring to a recent study by researchers at the University of Leeds finding Americans must decrease…

The Abominable Snowman

Winter officially begun December 21; however, mother nature did not wait for this day. She had already wreaked havoc across the world, especially in Europe and the US. Europe, unlike the United States, depends solely on imported energy. A harsh arctic blast caused holidays lights to be dimmed, decreasing the number of holiday shoppers, hurting…

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