Who Benefits From The Oil & Gas Industry Fracking?

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Everything we will explore on this blog should benefit the three audiences listed below. Our entire mission is to promote, not eliminate, the oil and gas industry. Even our name reflects our mission, Vive La Frack! (Or “Long live fracking!” in English) stresses the importance of fracking.

Since our topics are aimed at different people, we thought it’d be helpful to divide our content into segments, depending on which is more applicable to each reader. Click on the category which best represents you.

No matter who you are, one way or another your life is affected by the petroleum industry. If you use transportation, whether it’s the public bus that runs on gasoline or the electricity from a petroleum-based power plant that powers a Tesla car, you cannot escape the influence of oil and gas. Since it is a massive part of the global economy, we believe everyone benefits from more information about the oil & gas industry. From the lessons prepared by our lead petroleum engineer, Kurt Mire, or the endless topics of oil & gas curiosities explored on this page, anyone can enjoy this free information. Click on one of the categories above for more.

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