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About Us: Mire Petroleum Consulting

Vive La Frack! is solely operated by Mire Petroleum Consultants. As an independent blog dedicated to promoting the oil and gas industry, we offer free educational materials to anyone wishing to learn more about this industry. We do this because we believe education is one of the most important facets of any industry, and after seeing a lack of free resources for petroleum engineering topics, we decided to step in and fill the gap.

For over 15 years, we have provided exceptional reservoir and property valuations for multiple domestic and international upstream clients. Some of our domestic project areas include the Permian Basin, South Texas, Williston Basin, Powder River Basin, San Juan Basin, Haynesville Shale, the Gulf of Mexico, onshore Gulf Coast (South Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi), North Louisiana, Colorado, & New Mexico. International projects include Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil, Kurdistan & Southern Iraq, Tunisia, Ireland, India, and Trinidad & Tobago.

Expertise & Services

  • Oil & Gas Property Evaluations
  • Acquisition Evaluations
  • Conventional & Unconventional Reserve Estimates
  • Shale Type Curve Creation & Analysis
  • SEC Reserves Reports
  • Economic Analysis
  • Drilling Prospect Risk Evaluation
  • Monte Carlo Simulation
  • Probabilistic Resource Analysis
  • Royalty Evaluations
  • Field Development
  • Field Studies
  • Deal Screening
  • Market Analysis
  • Project Economics
  • Reserve Audits
  • Contract Technical Personnel
  • Workover & Recompletion Evaluations
  • Mineral Interest Evaluations
  • Estate Tax Valuations
  • Nodal Analysis Modeling
  • P&A Abeyance Reports for Texas Railroad Commission compliance
  • PHDWin database creation
  • PHDWin to Aries Database Conversions

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