Bitcoin Can Save The Oil And Gas Industry

Most of you have already heard of bitcoin’s phenomenal price rise in recent weeks, or maybe you noticed its big price increase in 2017. Today just one bitcoin sells for an amazing $27,000. But can this new digital currency save the damaged oil & gas industry? Last week our lead engineer Kurt Mire wrote anContinue reading “Bitcoin Can Save The Oil And Gas Industry”

Now Is The Best Time To Invest In Oil & Gas

Despite this being the worst economic climate for the oil & gas sector, there has never been a better time to invest. Listen to our lead engineer, Kurt Mire’s examples of previous petroleum market downturns that ended up being success stories! It’s not about what’s going on around you, it’s what’s going on in yourContinue reading “Now Is The Best Time To Invest In Oil & Gas”

Resume Tips For Reservoir Engineers Looking For An Oil & Gas Job

Helpful Advice For Engineers Looking To Get Ahead In A Tough Job Market. We know the job market for reservoir engineers is rough right now, we wanted to pass on Kurt Mire’s 35+ years of experience in petroleum engineering management to help increase your odds of attaining your next job in oil & gas! IfContinue reading “Resume Tips For Reservoir Engineers Looking For An Oil & Gas Job”

Global Petroleum Engineering Departments, Ranked

Think you went/are going to the best petroleum engineering school in the world? Let’s breakdown our custom comparison with lead engineer Kurt Mire: Full PowerPoint File We broke down the metrics on what makes up the petroleum engineering department rankings of various sources, such as graduation rate, materials, and coursework to determine our own rankingContinue reading “Global Petroleum Engineering Departments, Ranked”

Sorry Bloomberg, But Fracking Is Actually The Key To Energy Sustainability

Why The Future Of Energy Sustainability Begins With Fracking In The USA A few months ago, Bloomberg released a video that held Fracking as America’s ‘Moneypit’ and implies the shale boom as nothing more than modern day wildcatters who are pulling money from investors into their own pockets, with nothing to show for it. IContinue reading “Sorry Bloomberg, But Fracking Is Actually The Key To Energy Sustainability”