PHDWin Crash Course: Part 4

Creating Reserves Reports with PHDWin Software (Part 4)

Part four of our in depth engineering training on how to generate oil and gas reserves reports on PHDWin Software by our lead petroleum engineer, Kurt Mire. This segment is perfect for students and other industry professionals looking to understand more about oil and gas evaluations and how to put theory into practice with PHDWin Software!

Training Topics Table Of Content

  1. Type Curves:
    1. Creating Type Curves With PHDWin (_)
  2. Drilling Cases:
    1. Setting Up Drilling Cases In PHDWin (_)
  3. Recompletion Cases:
    1. Setting Up Recompletion Cases In PHDWin (_)
  4. Reports:
    1. How To Execute Reserve Reports In PHDWin (_)

Link To Full PowerPoint

PHDWin Software Crash Course Part 4 Study Guide

1.) Type Curves

Creating Type Curves:

• Select wells based on appropriate criteria

• Review the production data

• Don’t use any data after reaching 50% of the well count

2.) Drilling Cases

Drilling Cases In PHDWin:

• Single cases

• Prospect function (multiple cases)

3.) Recompletion Cases

Recompletion Cases In PHDWin:

• Can be tied to a producing well

• Use recompletion editor to link cases (live link)

4.) Reports

Reserve Reports In PHDWin:

• Cashflow

• Oneliner

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