What Do Petroleum Engineers Actually Do?

Today we will be discussing the specifics of a petroleum engineer and analyze what they do in their careers. This video is aimed at students and beginners who wish to begin learning more, since I know there is a lot more to cover within the field.

Main Areas Of Petroleum Engineering:




Elements Of Drilling Engineering

-Well Design

-Well Planning

-Cost Estimation

-Completion Design

-Drilling Optimization

-Rig Design


-Casing Design

-Fracture Design


-Field Supervisor


Elements Of Production Engineering

-Production Optimization

-Artificial Lift Design

-Workover Design

-Re-completion Design

-Well Flow Modeling

-Well Intervention

-Chemical Treatments

-Facilities Design


-Tubing Design

-Production Log Interpretation

-Field Supervision


Elements Of Reservoir Engineering:

-Drilling Proposals

-Project Economics

-Reserve Estimates

-Acquisition Evaluations

-Reservoir Simulation

-Well Test Design

-Log Analysis

-Waterflood & EOR Design

-Data Analytics

-Development Planning


-Expert Witness

-Gas Storage


So Who Will Hire Me If I Become A Petroleum Engineer?

-Major Oil Companies

-National Oil Companies

-International Oil Companies

-Service Companies

-Consulting Firms

-Government Agencies


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